Domestic small ruminants and bighorn sheep
Attached is the US Dept of Interior Bureau of Land Management manual which "is to provide policy guidance for the coordination and management of domestic sheep and goats to sustain wild sheep on the BLM managed lands"
Some may find this of interest. It go on about grazing allotment and best management practices to achieve spacial separation of grazing domestic sheep and goats from wild sheep. On page 5 and 7 it notes the management practices "will include authorized recreational activities involving domestic sheep or goats" and "pack animals".

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PS one of my last post noted the WADDL serology lab had been unable to perform the MOVI blood test. They did complete the test and all of my goats are negative for MOVI antibodies. That is one goat from Kansas, and 2 from California. The older 2 have been to 3 NAPgA Rendy's with exposure to numerous other goats.
Please consider signing up for the Packgoat Research Project if you have not already. Per Dr Highland testing will likely start in April.
Aye-yi-yi... Will government ever cease it's rotten shenanigans? I hope NAPgA's lawyer impresses upon the BLM that what they are doing is quite likely illegal! I hope they revise their management proposal before we are forced to sue yet another government agency! This is getting quite ridiculous.

My goats are ready for testing whenever Dr. Highland is! I've already got a vet lined up who will do the blood draw and nasal swabs.

I'm personally of the opinion that the Bighorn Sheep really need to start evolving resistance of their own. When Dr. Highland told us at the Rendy last year that the government slaughtered survivors of a pneumonia outbreak because they were now carriers who could infect others, I was livid! I thought evolution was required teaching in public schools nowadays! Even when a large percentage of a population dies off, the few who survive are the ones who will carry improved genetics into the future. If the government kills the strong and protects the weak, they are crippling the evolutionary future of the herds. Even if all domestic animals are kept out of BHS habitat, there's nothing preventing BHS from visiting livestock on private lands and then taking diseases back to their own herds. One highway near here is regularly frequented by BHS. Does the government propose that no sheep or goats be allowed along this stretch of highway? Of course not! And yet the BHS are physically much closer to my goats in this busy place than they ever are on a wilderness trail!
Another interesting read regarding access of packgoats to big chunk of this continent. 
This is the link to the PDF document.

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