Goats and Bits
We usually drive our goats in 3.5" mullen mouth bits with half spoon cheeks. A mullen mouth bit has a solid curved bar with no joints in it. This is a mild bit which slides back and forth easily in the mouth and can't pinch with a nutcracker action like a regular snaffle. I find it's more than adequate for control. To get the headstall length I just measured over the boys' heads.    

We also drive in Sopris X halters. They work pretty well but not perfect. For single driving you can generally use a halter but I found that it was difficult to communicate clearly to the goats when we drove in halters as a team. There just isn't enough "release" on the halter, especially in turns. It can be confusing for the goats if they don't feel an immediate release of pressure when they give the right response. 

I would love to try a cross-under type bridle someday but haven't had the chance yet. I think it could work really well for driving goats. 

If you want more info, I've written some articles on driving here: 

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