Hiking Horse Heaven Hills
Today Eldon & Debbi Otta and I took the goats for a hike in Horse Heaven Hills which is south of our farm.  The hike was through, above and below basalt canyons and cliffs above the Columbia River.  The area has a very rugged beauty.  Eldon & Debbi took Pac-Man, Parker and Rudy.  Rudy looks like a mini Pac-Man!  I took Dude, Bourbon, Captain Morgan and his 1/2 brother, Kahlua.

Eldon & Debbi with Pac-Man and Rudy

Bourbon, Dude and Morgan

.jpg   Ayers Rd 2015.10 (3).jpg (Size: 33.44 KB / Downloads: 30)

Morgan and Kahlua

.jpg   Ayers Rd 2015.10 (4).jpg (Size: 41.76 KB / Downloads: 30)

Morgan and Kahlua

.jpg   Ayers Rd 2015.10 (5).jpg (Size: 40.54 KB / Downloads: 30)

Beautiful Views

.jpg   Ayers Rd 2015.10 (6).jpg (Size: 56.49 KB / Downloads: 30)

Eldon & Debbi with some of the herd

Goats on alert when they heard gunshots in the distance (no one was in danger).  It sure made for a great photo op!
Goatberries Happen!
Aw... It's Pac-Man! Look at him sniffing Eldon's pocket for cookies. Smile

I love Pac-Man's little Mini-Me. So cute!! Thanks for sharing!
Cool pics.
Ha its good to see Captian Morgan and Pack Man out and about. Those lava flows are pretty rugged looking. We have a few lava-rock fields here but nothing thats hundreds of feet thick like that. That stuff is hard on horse hooves. Gotta have fresh shoes to do it.

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