Today's hike
Today I loaded up my goats and drove to Debbi & Eldon Otta's to pick them up and their goats.  Debbi and Eldon bought Pack-Man from Nan & Phil Hassey when we were in Utah.  This was their first hike with Pac-Man since bringing him home.  They also brought along "Rudy" who is a 6 month old mini Nubian wether.  His coloring is just like Pac-Man's!  Rudy was stuck to Pac-man the whole time.  They're pen-mates and Rudy worships Pac-Man.

It was a gorgeous fall day.  We hiked the trails along the Columbia River in a natural area of Two Rivers Park.  The sun was shining through the trees and the river was quietly lapping the shoreline.

The goats enjoyed browsing on the lush vegetation, dried leaves, rose hips and blackberries.  When Debbi saw all of the wild rose hips she went crazy picking them for the goats at home and to make jelly!  When I call my goats I say, "Come goats!"  Eldon started calling "Come Debbi!"  It was funny. Tongue 

We walked along the river and down the trails.  During the hike back to the rig Eldon saw "something" go by Pac-Man's face.  Within a minute Pac-Man was rubbing his eye with a rear hoof.  We couldn't find anything.  Five minutes later his eye was swollen half shut.  He'd been stung.  We upped our speed and headed to the rig.  We hadn't brought epinephrine with us but we both had it at home.  He didn't exhibit any signs other than the eye swelling.  We loaded the goats up and drove to their farm.

I hope Pac-Man enjoyed his first Washington State hike in spite of the sting.  I know we enjoyed it!

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Goatberries Happen!
Very cool! I love Eastern Washington!
Its good to hear about how Pack Man doing now. I'm glad he has made a friend. He's a good goat.

Thats a nice looking area to take the goats. I've wondered how crazy we look with goats out like they were dogs. I like to put a pack on at least one of them so people get that 'ahah' moment.
Aw... glad to hear Pac-Man is making friends. Too bad about the bee sting. This is the exact reason why Pac-Man always told me that nature is scary! Tongue

I'd love to see a close-up photo of Pac-Man and Rudy together. Sounds like they're a matched set! Big Grin

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