Kids and Packgoats
Hi everyone,

I'm writing an article about kids (the human kind!) and goatpacking.  I need photos of kids hiking with packgoats, riding packgoats, in camp with packgoats, etc

If you have photos you would like to submit for the article please email them to me - include a description of the photo including names, location, the name of who took the photo and any other details you'd like to include.

Kids are the future of goatpacking!

Below is a photo of Colin, Lori & RC Kline's grandson, hiking with my goats, Dude and Bourbon, in a streambed at the Cascade Packgoat Club campout earlier this month.

Goatberries Happen!
[Image: goat_halloween_01.jpg]

Its a terrible shot, I'm afraid. Sarah thought it'd be fun to take her nephew trick-or-treating with a pack goat. For sure it was the subject of a lot of conversations. You know, these days I think the tradition is dieing off. When I was a kid, I'd have given it my best shot to fill, to the top, both panniers!
Here are a couple of our photos from this past July 4th. This is me and Pac-Man with my niece Lily and my nephew Robert. 

I also have a few fun photos of kids in our goat cart, but I'll need time to dig those up. Remind me after Utah. Smile

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