Halters and Leads
I too went with Nanno's suggestion and ordered some Sopris Halters a while back and they fit great, provide clear communication and are strong. I think the Sopris website just recently changed, maybe something happened in that process?
I make my own leads out of 3/8 marine type rope that has some stiffness to it, I make them 5-6 ft long and like the stiffer rope for low lining, it helps them not get as tangled.
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I agree--round rope is better for tethering. Nylon webbing is dangerous if it tangles around legs or necks and the edges can burn and cut. For high/low lining, you want to have a swivel snap at both ends to keep it from twisting.
I would be surprised if Charlie is out of stock because I just received a delivery of halters from him a week or so ago. I ordered it all by email though, not through the website (because the website didn't cater for shipping beyond the US).
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Yeah, he always keeps a lot of stuff in stock, and what isn't in stock is made to order as far as I know, so he's never truly "out of stock" on anything. Email or call the number. Wink
I will e-mail him tomorrow
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