1 Horned Oberhasli wether ( Jerry the non working goat )
So I thought I would post Jerry here, not sure if anyone on here would be interested in a non-working wether.
Jerry is 8 years old, CAE/CL free, Hooves trimmed, wormed recently.
Really nice and chill goat, basically just a weed eater and companion goat. I don't have any use for a non-working goat right now, maybe if I had acres and acres of land for him to just hang out and be Jerry on, but I don't.
Best offer or trade gets him, I figure hes probably worth 100$ or maybe 150$ trade value?

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Where does Jerry live?
Why can't Jerry work?
Goatberries Happen!
I'm not sure it's that Jerry can't work so much as he won't work.
Here's a thread about Jerry in the "Problem Goats" section:
He Is in Carnation Washington.
As Nanno stated, He doesn't like to work, or really leave his pen for that matter. He does ok when there is no pack saddle on him and no hills to climb.
hmm, while this is an add to sell Jerry, your last comment makes me think - in combination with the picture of the line of his back - if he isn't in pain when carrying a saddle. The lumbar region of his back seems to slope upward a bit - in dogs a sign for spondylosis (growth on the vertebrae) - and maybe the saddle doesn't fit him as well as it should.
Sabine from Germany
[Image: zoVgi.gif]

I purchased an alpine on craigslist as a buddy to my 1st Oberhasli. He was a great picnic goat. He would work but not hard. He did not like to climb hills. He loved people and did not mind leaving his pen for a walk. As long as his pack was light and the ground was not steep he was great. My friend adopted him. Her granddaughter worked with him and he won Grand-champion goat at our county fair. There were no hills at the fairgrounds and lots of people for him to love on. It was a funny twist of events for a stray goat that was found and put on Craigslist for $20.
I want the update this add to Free, Jerry is a good guy and honestly I can't see selling him, as long as he doesn't go to meat and has a good home where he can " barn potato out " then thats all I want for him.
well maybe a 6 pack of good beer.....
Jerry got a new home and buddy today. Went to a nice couple who live about 5 minutes away from us who had a really lonely boer/nubian cross wether with a nice big barn to laze around in to boot!
Good job re-homing him.

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