Doesn't want to drink water while hiking?
Whenever I go hiking with my goat Ledel she never wants to drink water but when we get home she drinks a ton so I gu I'm curious if there's a way to get her to drink or if this is ok? I'm also curious if she drinks from a creek should I be worried about her getting giardia? Thanks
I don't think you need to worry about giardia. As far as I know, it rarely affects animals like it does people. In fact, I think many goats carry giardia without being affected by it.

A lot of goats don't want to drink water on the trail because it's not in a safe-looking bucket like it is at home, and they must usually get their feet wet to access it. I went hiking with one guy who brought water from home for his goats to drink. Once the container was empty, he would fill it from the creek for his goats so they didn't have to get near the water. I am not that nice. I expect my goats to drink the water along the trail, and they have to get right down there and get it straight from the source. At first you think they're going to die of thirst, but if they work hard in the hot sun long enough, they'll eventually get so thirsty they'll brave the muddy edge of the creek and start drinking. It helps tremendously if your goats are thoroughly accustomed to crossing through water (not jumping over it or using logs or stepping stones). Once they are comfortable getting their toes wet, the drinking part comes easy.
Ok thanks it's always worried me but I finally decided I should ask especially since we hike a lot in the fall
You can lead a goat to water, but you cant make him bathe.

They drink when thirsty enough. I take my to the deep desert and know its true. They drink or they don't. Sometimes mine have really been in to the water we find, and others they mainly go for the bucket water at the truck. Water quality doesn't seem to matter as much... In fact if there is something to be said for what makes them go for water, its quantity. The less they see the more they want to drink it.

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