Mt. Timpanogos 17 July 2015
I've been super busy lately and I'm way behind on the hikes I had hoped to have completed by now.  I decided to do a mellow hike up to the wild-flower plateau on Timpanogos.  My brother and his two dogs came along, and you'll remember that Chewy the dog was the one that had his foot crushed by a big sharp rock a few months back.  So he's healed up now.  Due to goats growing and getting a 6th goat, the Suburban is not capable of carrying the whole herd anymore, so I had to leave some behind.  That means the boys get to go and the girls had to stay.  I hate to do it but I really needed to get some practice hiking in with the actual pack goats and the baby needed some trail time.  

[Image: bacchus_cliff_01.jpg]
Bacchus surveys his domain

[Image: forest_path_01.jpg]
Shelby G.T. wore packs, and as you can see, I have no backpack.  Exactly as it should be!

[Image: last_wildflowers_01.jpg]
Due to being busy, I missed the wild-flower season this year.  Only a few patches remained.

[Image: mountain_billy_01.jpg]
As usual, the cliffs were lousy with mountain goats.  This guy was probably a bachelor biding his time away from the rest.

[Image: vista_01.jpg]
The air was particularly clear.   The storms missed us and headed north to the Uintas instead.

[Image: timp_toilet_01.jpg]
I believe this is the greatest toilet on the planet.  The view!  Yours or other people's-- thats up for debate.

[Image: vincent_drinks_01.jpg]
This was Vincent VanGoat's first mountain trek.  At first he didn't get it, but he caught on quickly and shows every sign of becoming a great pack goat.

His main problem is the same problem I've always had with the babies-- They get pets from other people and want to follow them instead.
I think its something they grow out of because the other goats know me and stick with me exclusively, like a dog.   
They've even figured out how to deal with switchbacks now-- Something I thought goats always had problems with.

[Image: vincent_eats_01.jpg]
When we got home, he was so tuckered out that he just stood there by the truck-- No movement.  
I was in bad shape myself.  My new boots gave me blisters and I had a lot of aches.   
Thats what I get for skipping too many weeks.  I'll be hiking a lot more frequently from now on.
Great pics, thanks! -Phil
Awesome pictures!! LOVE the toilet!! It's great that Shelby GT is carrying your gear now--'bout time you had a goat old enough to pull his weight.  

Quote:Due to being busy, I missed the wild-flower season this year.  Only a few patches remained.

And your goats took care of those stragglers, right?  Tongue
What a cool hike and pics! Such awesome country. I always look forward to your posts, and your new guy is growing fast. Thanks for sharing.

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