Banging Heads
Hello, We're new to goats. We got five alpine horned wethers just about a week ago. The oldest is just over four months and the two oldest are undergoing castration. On ocaision I'm finding some of them banging heads. Rearing up and smacking each other  reptitively. Is this normal?
Rearing up and banging heads is a good indication that your goats are normal, healthy, and happy. Smile

As long as none of your goats are getting ganged up on or bullied to the point of injury or to where they can't get food or shelter then they should be fine. Sparring is how goats figure out their pecking order and it's also a way for them to blow off extra energy and have fun. Just make sure they don't do this when you're with them. You don't want to get caught in the middle, and you never want them to think they can spar with you like another goat. But when they're away from people and doing their own thing, let them have their fun while you stand back and take photos. Wink

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