Pack Goats and gear for sale
These 8 goats are like family and must go to a good home, they are not for meat.  We really hate to part with them, but no longer have the time or money and we are not using them as intended.  Located in Castle Rock, WA and can meet anywhere in between here and Vancouver on gear.

3 Five year old pack goat wethers, all disbudded and banded as kids in the first month.  These boys are all very well mannered and bonded to humans.  They have not been on the trail this year and will need to be conditioned.  They are all CAE/CL free and up to date on all vaccines, hoof trimming, and care.

Nubian/Boer: $200

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Ober/Saanen: $150 SOLD

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Togg: $175 SOLD

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4 Two year old pack goat wethers in training, all disbudded.  Surgically castrated at 4 months old.  These boys are all very well mannered and bonded to humans.  They have not yet packed due to age, but will make great packers.  They are all CAE/CL free and up to date on vaccines, hoof trimming, and care.

2 Alpines purchased as kids from Trinity Pack Goats: $130 each; these 2 boys must go together.

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Sannen/Boer/Alpine purchased as kid from Carolyn Eddy: $200

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Sannen/Boer/Alpine purchased as kid from Carolyn Eddy: $200

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3 year old non breeding doe purchased from Trinity Pack Goats: $150  SOLD

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Large size never used homemade goat coat, forest green water proof nylon on the outside and hunters orange fleece on the inside: $20
Would you be willing to sell the gear separately? I'm looking to buy some custom aluminum saddles and panniers.
Yes, only the 2 alpines mentioned above must go together. Thanks.
Would you please PM me when you get a chance? I'm very interested in them but I'm not familiar with forum etiquette. Thanks!
Oh Huckleberry, I'm so sorry you're having to sell. I know how much you love your boys. Sad
Yeah, it sucks, we're really going to miss them. However, it's the right decision for us and I hope to find them all good homes with many happy adventures aheadSmile
They all look like excellent goats.

A question about that non-breeding doe. I guess thats the one that was available a few months back? I'm just curious if you've tried packs on her yet, and if you think she'd be a good pack goat. Is she big enough to pack much weight? My females are way smaller than the males, but I wonder if those free-martin non-breeders get bigger. I've heard of some people that had bad experiences with bladder stones in their wethers just give up on males and switch to females.
We purchased her 2 years ago from Dave, she was previously Boots or GoGo Boots. We haven't packed with her yet, although she has a lot of energy and I think she'd make a great packer. She weighs about 145 and is pretty tall.
BOOTS! Smile Sorry to hear you have to part ways with the goaties Sad but I totally understand how that can be. I sent Legion to live with Curtis for the same reason. I just dont have the time available to use him the way he needs to be used. Curtis on the other hand, not that he has a lot of free time but he has the enthusiasm to make it work!

Boots is the older full sister to the non breeder we have here for sale. Clyde just had a talent for producing non breeders I guess. They will get a little more mass to them but over all will still be substantially smaller then a male/wether.
Pack Goat Prospects For Sale.

S.E. Washington (Benton City)
I'm interested in 2 of the goat coats, large in size? overall weight of the material?

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