Are buttercups poisonous to goats?
Yes they are poisonous. I looked for a bit and couldnt find exactly how much it would take before you see signs. Most of the time its 1-2% of their body weight.
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Are we talking about those little white flowers that are like a flat cone and on a ground-hugging vine weed?

Goats love them. But my goat Tina, who had health problems, seemed to go downhill every time she got in to them. I dont let them eat too much around them anymore, though they're everywhere so its a bit tough to control.
Buttercup is a yellow flower that grows all over in fields in western Washington .my goats have been eating it for awhile the horses won't eat it but the goats love it . dont know how to stop them from eating it my fields are loaded with it.
We have the same issue, our field has a lot of this as well. The goats much on it now and then, but mostly avoid it. It's been in their grazing area for years now with no issues.
I'd always heard that buttercups are poisonous, but we had a ton of them in our pasture when we lived out in western NY and neither Cuzco nor the horses ever bothered them. Good thing, because there was no way we could eradicate them! I think as long as they have plenty of other stuff to eat, they should't bother the buttercups.

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