New mama, not much milk
Jezebel just kidded a very healthy little doeling this afternoon, but she hasn't made much of an udder. There is a little milk there when I squeeze, but I only get a small stream. I haven't milked her more than a couple of squirts though because I'm concerned that there already isn't enough for baby. The baby is very strong and keeps suckling determinedly, but I've never seen one keep at the udder for this long, which makes me think she's not being satisfied.

The udder feels soft and pliable (no heat, hardness, or irritation), but there's just not much milk there. I can only feel flesh, not milk under the skin. This is completely out of the norm compared to all my other girls who have all been full to bursting and could easily feed half a dozen new babies.

I can easily supplement this doeling from Nubbin's surplus if I have to, but I don't want to panic and start bottle feeding her if I don't have to. She was born strong and energetic and I'll definitely keep an eye out and make sure she doesn't go downhill. Is there a good way to tell if a baby is getting enough to eat without having to wait for them to become lethargic? Is there anything I can do to encourage Jezebel to produce more milk if she's deficient?
Not unusual for a doe not to come into her milk even when she kids. Especially with a single kid. The does body knows how many kids are in there and prepares the milk production for that number kids. She should flush into her milk in about 2 weeks. Until then, just watch. If the kid has sunken sides and is always trying to eat, then you know to supplement.
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Fuzzy's milk just came in today. Her 3 kids were born the 14th. She now has a huge udder! Jezebel will have enough milk for the doeling. Give it time and don't panic.
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Good to know that her production will probably increase soon. I'm surprised Fuzzy took so long to come into milk since she's an old campaigner. Jezebel is a first freshener even though she's three years old.

Everyone looks good this morning. I warmed some of Petunia's milk in a bottle and offered it to the baby last night just before bed. She drank an ounce or two pretty greedily before she got full. Her belly didn't feel empty even before the bottle, so I'm sure she was getting fed. I think she just has a really good appetite.
Fuzzy udder was full but not engorged before she kidded but yesterday it was REALLY full and it easy to tell her production had come on full force.

It's always nice to know someone else is as obsessed with their goats as I am. Tigerlily is a big girl so I'm sure she has a big appetite!
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