keeping goats fit
Hi all. I would love some advise for keeping my goats fit. I would like to get them into the hills packing once a month for two or three days. My problem is what to do to keep them in condition. I live quite close to town so taking them for a walk along the road is not an option. This means taking the goats and all there gear in the trailer to the local beach. I've found this very hard to do in winter months with short days and a busy scheduled.
I was thinking of building a treadmill or something like it ?
Has anyone come up with anything to help with general fitness.
Toys. A big A frame ramp/shelter with roofing shingles to wear hooves down is a great way for you to kill two birds with one stone. Or even two of them so they can run up and down one and then run over to the other.
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That sounds a good idea. I have some pines in there paddock. I might use a big trunk to form a ramp?
You can always try one of these! Big Grin
Goats on a trampoline!
Hahahaha! Great video, Saph!

I'm with Dave... some kind of jungle gym setup would encourage them to play and exercise. Our electric co-op gave us a bunch of spools for free, all different sizes. We also have stumps and ramps and even a teeter-totter. The goats love this stuff and it helps keep them active.

Oh wow... Exclamation Your treadmill comment just now gave me an incredible idea for a new goat toy. If we sunk two posts in the ground with a crossbeam between them and suspended a large electric spool on the crossbeam, we'd have a great goat treadmill! Last year Phil and I laughed as Finn jumped on a spool laying sideways and rolled it around the yard. We wanted to leave it that way but then realized he could roll it into the electric fence, or the wind might take it across the pasture. I never thought of mounting it so it can't roll away! Thanks for the great idea!!

You might also think about walking your goats out in your neighborhood. We lived in town for four years and we took our goat, Cuzco, out for a walk every single day. You'll need to use a leash, of course, but walking goats on a leash is excellent training. I personally think it's fun to walk goats in town. Pavement and gravel do wonders for their hooves, and townspeople almost always love to see goats on their streets. If people are uppity about the droppings, bring a small whisk broom and brush it off the sidewalk or into a baggy. The goat can even carry it in a small pack.
I like the idea of the revolving spool. looks like iv'e got some work to do.
Would be great to see some picks of others set ups.
I'm in Cuzo's camp. I have walked 3 large goats in town for nearly 8 years. They are all trained well around traffic, people, horses, and idiots with unconstrained dogs. One goat is on a single 4 foot dog leash and 2 goats are on a double dog leash. The double leash walkers have been walking around town shoulder to shoulder since birth. Granted my neighbors think I'm a bit odd especially when I add my dog to the walking crew. We have the luxury of fairly wide roads, some with bike paths, and moderately low traffic volume and a 25 mph max speed limit.
I've thought you could get on old school bus, pull all the seats out, put some kind of free rolling conveyor belt for a treadmill in the floor, put the bus on a hill or jack up the front end, a bowel of peanuts in the front end, put the goat in the back door, shut it for 30 minutes and let him try to run up to get the peanuts.
A goat powered vehicle. A lightweight frame with a single seat for a human and the goat's hooves moving you along the road. Off you go! Patent pending....... Tongue
Goatberries Happen!
Hello all
Question for ya'll
Goat Exercise ?
My boys usually have free range around a wooded camp site that is up and down , NOT mountain type ground but more wooded foothill type.
Put up at night.
They range withing 30-50 yards of camp.
Run into camp when called, chase truck up to barn 1/4 mile, hang out around barn and horses and the when truck heads back to camp run in front to be the first ones back in camp. This normal happens twice a day along with their own "Excursions" into Hill and Dale around camp.
Granted they are not in pack gear "YET" Sam is too young, Pete is old enough to be in training and caring weight. Just have to get the gear together. I also want to do some "Public" training because these two goats are going to be introduced to a whole bunch of people that have never heard of goat packing here in the east. They have to be friendly in public. Well that way is going good, Had a walk through today with a Realtor today and goats were along with 2 adults and 2 children. goats mixed right in, Helping show a country property to "City Folk" as well as giving ideas to kids that a goat or 2 might be a fun/useful animal to start country life with. Smile
Back to keeping goats in shape, for now what do ya'll think about their work level.
I have horses too and know about keeping them in condition, How much different are goats?
Happy Trails
HI there, sounds like a good set up to me, I'm shore that would give them a good start. Perhaps a little work out with some weight and a good hill should get them there.

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