Supplement for older goats/stiff joints
This has come up as a discussion topic in the past, but I was hoping to have some other opinions.

Our big alpine (250+lbs) turned 8 years old this year. He is still doing great on pack trips & keeps up fine with the younger boys. We usually don't load him with more than 40 lbs when we go out overnight. However, he definitely shows signs of stiffness the day after we go for a hike. We want him to continue to live a long, high-quality life, while still carrying weight on multi-day trips.
Any suggestions for what we can do to help him out? Thanks--Saph
I've had Cuzco on Cosequin ASU for almost three years now and I've been very pleased with the results. It's very expensive (almost $150 for the big tub), but it lasts for over a year so I can't complain. It's not labeled for ruminants, I think because it's got cow cartilage in it. You're not supposed to "feed cows to cows" because of the risk of Mad Cow Disease, but I decided that since I'm not going to eat Cuzco, it should be ok for me to feed him Cosequin.

Cosequin is a daily supplement and not a painkiller, so if you decide to go that route expect it to take a month or two before it really kicks in. I've sometimes given Cuzco a small dose of Bute mixed with Jell-O powder (there I go feeding ruminants to ruminants again!) before taking him on a long trailer ride or hike. It helps a lot, but it's given him clumpy poo once or twice on the first day of taking it.
Saph this topic is well timed for me. I have a mutant 39" tall 270 lb Oberhasli. He is large boned for the breed but he may be too big for his own good. He just turned 7 years old. He has progressively gotten more stiff over the last 6 months and now spends a lot of time on his front knees. He hikes up and down hill with the other goats and does not show distress on the trail. My vet says his joints are nearing the end. He gets very stressed out if I leave him behind so I take him on every walk. He gets oral bantamine 2 hours before a hike. Daily I give him a horse supplement cookie of glucosamin, condrointin, and MSM and have seen improvement.
My vet notes with the bantamine he need to stay well hydrated. On a long term use this stuff is hard on the kidneys. I figure he has nothing to loose at the rate he is going. Funny thing is I went after the Oberhasli for the temperament and the fact that they were suppose to be a mid-size goat. I have another one that is 236 lbs and 38" tall now I am worried about his longevity. My old boy is 9 years old at 190 lbs also 38" tall and is slim built (suspect he was neutered early). He remains fast and agile and can out run any of them.

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