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Goatberries Happen!
Love my fence from them. We take it everywhere with a solar charger. Lightweight, quick set up, reliable, and I feel like my goats are as safe as I can make them when we are traveling or camping.
(04-11-2015, 10:22 PM)IdahoNancy Wrote: Love my fence from them. We take it everywhere with a solar charger. Lightweight, quick set up, reliable, and I feel like my goats are as safe as I can make them when we are traveling or camping.
Nancy, what fence do you have, there are so many.  I just have Nigerians but I want an electric fence for them when we finally get to go to the Rendy and more Smile
Robin in AZ
RE: Electric Netting fence and charger to use.
I don't use netting fence.
I use a product called Bi-Polar from Horse Guard.
It is a 1 1/2 inch wide web tape that carries both hot and ground side from charger and dose not need a ground rod. Works very good in "DRY" ground conditions. was made to contain sheep that are well insulated from shock.
I use 5/8 fiberglass post with adjustable height insulators I set the spacing for what ever size critter I want to control.
Have used it from goats to Stallions.
My post are 50 inches tall, so I just set the insulators for the spacing needed.
They are stout enough to penetrate hard ground well.
Not like the little 3/8 inch ones that ElectroNet comes with.
If needed I can put both horse and goats in the same pen. 3 strands at goat height and one high one for horses.
My fencer is a Parmac Supper 12 7KV /6 Joule runs off a 12 volt Garden Tractor Battery for a good month, then you just swap it out for a spare you keep on a charger or get a 5 watt marine battery maintainer solar panel and you have your solar fencer with a lot more power than any other solar fence charger on the market.
Rated for 50 miles + of fence. combined with Bi-Polar Tape fence it make a very flexible/ strong containment area.
BTY: The Parmac Mag 12 as all their products are made here in the USA.
Have had lighting strikes on them, call CS and they would mail out a pre-paid shipping label, box the burned up one and send it off, 10 days later a brand new one same Model shows up UPS. Talk about Service. !!!
Happy Trails
Try not to have two many "Shocking Experiences"
Hihobaron Blizzard,Fuzzy,Pete,Sam and the Troops in SC
We have the 42 inch tall fence that is 100 feet long. It weighs 14 lbs. I purchased one extra plastic support pole to put in between the fence poles. I tried the electric fence and insulator deal but found it took to long for me to set up and I don't trust it. One night I heard some noise and looked out the RV window. There sat a black bear in the middle of my fence area. All he wanted was the elk meat we had tied up in the tree. One of my goats repeatedly blasted out of it. I just did not know how to set it up to be critter proof.
I have a 48" fence, 100 feet long. I use mine all the time at home but when we want to go camping with goats I roll one up and put it in the truck. I also use an extra support pole between each fence post. Otherwise it sags. When camping I also make sure to bring a few 12" spikes, a hammer, and baling twine so I can stretch my fence tight at the corners. Last time we set up the electric fence in camp my husband had the brilliant idea of tying a string of baling twin to either end of a board and walking it around the path where the fence would go to push down the weeds. It worked really well.
Hello Nanno
I have been using the big 12" spikes for many things camping as well as ground spikes for camp electric fence grounds
BEFORE I started using Bi-Polar web tape that dose not require a direct earth ground. It is a very visible wide tape and carries both Hot and Ground side output from the fencer. No need for ground conduction of power.
Moving on:
Sounds like your making Phil "Walk the line" If it works use it. Smile
Hello IdahoNancy
I don't bait bears into camp with hanging meat.
Also do not hunt elk here, White Tails is about it here.
Have had (City Folk) run into my Bi-Polar system (Trying to pet critters).
It will wake them up fast. Even through clothing.
As far as the Bear sitting in the middle of your goat pen, That is why you have large bore rifle along.
Hang more meat in that tree. Smile
Happy Trails
Good Hunting ,Stay Safe
hihobaron and the Troops in South Carolina

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