Poly Dome Shelters: Securing & transporting livestock
(03-21-2015, 07:25 PM)Nanno Wrote: That's so cool! We've been talking about doing something like this with a PolyDome in our truck bed, but hadn't got so far as thinking about what to do for a door. Awesome idea! So much cheaper and easier than a camper shell (taller too!).

Hey Nanno,

I'm so glad you liked it, its pretty simple but I thought about this allot. I really like Warm Climate Huts for this purpose even though its smaller because its so easy, light weight & fits between the wheel wells of any full size pickup bed...even the 5.5' short beds. I've been using & testing it in my truck the past few months...zero issues. I have hauled up to 4 yearlings at one time with it. I've hauled them in the rain & sun...they've stay vented, dry & out of the wind...AND safe!

They only thing I've changed on the retail kits is the Panel now has smoother cut edges than you see on the pictures of this one. I have also personally added a rubber floor matt for the bed of my truck to make it less slippery & easy to clean up.

And to your point of shells...I agree way cheaper, multiuse & are just so dang tough. I can't tell you how many really nice truck shells I have seen with screwed up windows from livestock etc. Shells are also useless & in the way when not in use as well as a pain to remove and get beat to heck when not in use. Besides, you can't let your goats sleep in a truck shell when its on the ground...probably wouldn't hold up to goats anyway. LOL Smile

IRCC you have a full length bed Chevy, no? Also, round Poly Domes too, no? I too mainly use the rounds like you...Love'em because they are large, tough & don't allow anyone to get caught in the corner for "goat-cheap shots". I have since added a BigFoot Square & one of the Warm Climates to their living quarters though...mainly so they can play in them are used to them when it comes time to transport.

Of course they work to isolate your does/kids as needed overnight etc as well.

BTW, I think Jess has also been working on a hinged door system with a fabricator but this works for me & my customers for the money. Inexpensive, simple...and works.

Sorry so long winded, Rolleyes

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