Pack Goat Ban in the Wind River Range
Just wanted to copy and paste this. Its one of our few beacons of light.

Extensive research has been conducted in an
effort to understand the mechanisms involved in
disease transmission from domestic animals to
bighorn sheep. A number of penned experiments
have been conducted where domestic sheep
were placed in contact with bighorn sheep
(Foreyt 1989, 1990, 1994; Onderka and
Wishart 1988). In most experiments all bighorn
sheep subsequently died of respiratory disease
(pneumonia). Other experiments included
mixing bighorn sheep with elk, white-tailed
deer, and mule deer; elk alone; domestic
goats; mountain goats; llamas; cattle; horses;
and steers (Foreyt 1992a, 1994; Foreyt and
Lagerquist 1996) . In these experiments only
two of 39 bighorn sheep died. Other research
included the inoculation of
cultures, which is the strain of
bacteria most often implicated in pneumonia
in bighorn sheep, from domestic sheep into
bighorn sheep (Foreyt et al. 1994; Foreyt and
Silflow 1996; Onderka et al. 1988). Of the 13
bighorn sheep inoculated with these bacteria, 12
died of acute bronchopneumonia.

I didnt realize they had done this with all these other species of animals and even then, there were only 2 deaths total!

Here is a link to WADDLs test/fee list. It just seems something on this level could be added to test goats levels of the above bacteria or have WSU do the testing to see if goats can even infect bighorn sheep on a cellular level...
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