A little video of my brother out on the second day of Muzzleloader
Opening modern opens up this weekend and am getting SO excited. Got good friends coming up from Bend, the same ones I got to watch bow hunt. Got my daughters tag last night. So we are going to invade my brothers house and have an amazing weekend!

I dont know if I told the the story of the last couple of weeks but the monday before last I ended up really messing up my ankle work. I was pretty sure I tore a bunch of stuff in it. I dont like to do the L&I thing unless I am for sure going to need it so I was put on light duty work at work and over the course of 4 or 5 days I good a really good feeling it was ok. Saturday came and I was finally walking without a limp if not slowly. Got up at 5 am to go out for the last weekend of early muzzle loader with my brother. I swing outta bed, reach over to grab my pants and instantly felt a bad pull in my lower back. Nothing I had ever felt before but decided to try and go out anyways. Long story short, I ended up in the ER Saturday night with a sciatic nerve pinch and was giving shots in my back, and some hydros and muscle relaxers. The hydros only lasted 4 days. I spend all of yesterday and the night before in serious pain. because of the laws here only a primary doctor or the er can prescribe narcotics. I havent been to the hospital in like 22 years so didnt have a doctor. The soonest any of the ones I called could fit me in was the 27th. So ended up back in the ER last night. This time they gave me oxycon, and steroids for the inflammation. Modern firearm opens up this Saturday and am hoping and been praying to the point I think God is like "DUDE! I heard you the first 1000 times" Smile that I will be able to at least walk in far enough and set up and if needed be just spend the day waiting. But regardless of how it turns out I am thankful that the meds are taking the sharp edges off the pain, my daughter is going to be joining me and my good friends from Bend (Wish you could of come too Charlene!!!) will all be here. Am blessed and thank the Lord for the possibility of a stellar weekend! Smile
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