Hunting with goats
Taffy makes some good points. A cougar could get over an electric fence. Thankfully most cougars touch a fence before jumping it and the shock frightens them away, but not always. Electric netting is excellent for deterring bears, wolves, and coyotes. They don't barrel through, jump over, or dig under such a fence. However, if they approach it the goats could indeed panic and jump over or bolt through the other side, especially if they have not learned to trust their fence at home. In the event of a predator attack, even having a person in camp is no surefire guarantee that goats won't be killed or get loose. I've seen goats break some really strong hardware when panicked, and if the hardware doesn't break, the goat's neck just might. There's always a risk, but we certainly lower it by making sure someone is always physically present with their goats. I also strongly recommend keeping a bell on at least one goat. The loud, unnatural sound may keep predators from approaching in the first place, and if a goat is alarmed the bell should awaken any sleeping humans.

So with the two people in the original post who left their goats in camp, did you find any contact info for them? The goats should have been wearing ID's with the owner's name and phone #. If they weren't wearing ID's then that's another problem.

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