Cull or not to cull
My friend has a Nubian/Toggenburg who is a similar screamer: she bellows angrily at us, FEED ME, starting in the morning, and when I am working on this farm I pretty much have to revolve my day around this goat. I was dumb enough to adopt two of her boys, who were also screamers, but more of the high-pitched squealing type, and I ended up having to sell them. But Pearl's daughter this year is quiet, apart from a very strange shrieking noise that she only makes occasionally. So it's hard to tell. I definitely would not have kept this goat myself (I would have tried to find her a home with a school for deaf children or something), but my friend is quite attached to her, and she is getting less noisy the older she gets. I think what it is, is that some goats just have louder volume capabilities than others, and if they can learn to use that to exploit humans, good luck.

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