Starting clicker training
(05-02-2022, 08:17 AM)Nanno Wrote: You can jump straight into clicker training without any previous training. I prefer to click with my tongue so I don't have to hold anything in my hands. As for your last question, the more goats learn, the faster they learn. They basically "learn how to learn" and once they've learned a few basic commands, more complicated commands come more easily. Of course, some goats learn certain commands more easily than others. A goat with a natural inclination to paw at your legs might learn to "shake hands" in a single 15-minute session while another that's shy about having his feet handled might take three days to learn the same trick. Most goats learn to touch and follow a target very quickly and easily. I use a tennis ball on a stick and have them touch their nose to it. Then I click and reward. Pretty soon they're following that tennis ball all over the place.

Good luck and let us know your progress!

Awesome thank you very much and I will definitely be back to let everyone know how quickly my boys start picking it up!

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