Elderly Goats Scour Following Alfalfa Binge
Hubby says the old.buck/eunuch seems to be eating normally todsy. The elderly female did not.want to go into goat barn for nightly regular feeding again. She still keeps.up with herd during the day but wants to.stay in horse barn at night. She really is a walking skeleton but she kept up with herd until this happened.

There was.no.grain in there. Just our coastal square.bales.and.the expensive alfalfa.bale.we only feed to our senior horse. The alfalfa.was.about 3/4 gone. It was 20 goats and 4 horses into it. I would think that divided it up enough no one animal would.have gotten that much.

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RE: Elderly Goats Scour Following Alfalfa Binge - by blackie's maiden - 02-23-2022, 08:10 PM

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