Pack goat does in milk
(07-27-2021, 11:01 AM)Amyfaunpackgoats Wrote: Selling these four as a group. They are very bonded. Pack goat genetics from Dwite Sharp, Marc Warnke, and Callie Russel from the "Alone" series. I've had these girls for a few years. Two are in milk. One 5 year old, three 3 year olds.

They are very tame, know their names, and very well behaved. They are used to going on long hikes with me every day. To a good home only, where wild forage is available. I will not sell these girls to sit around in a pen.

They will be available in mid August when the kids are weaned.

Serious inquiries only. All responses through craigslist only. The platform of this website has never worked well on my device.

Photos will not load on this site. View my ad at

Are these still for sale? The craigslist link won’t work for me.Thank you,

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