American Alpine buckling Bloomington Indiana
(04-08-2021, 11:38 AM)Sage_Goat Wrote: If only I were closer!

I recognize his sire from Blue Mountain's facebook page. Abraxas looks like such a beautiful, tall buck. I was disappointed he didn't have a linear appraisal score on file with ADGA... I wanted to know more about him height and confirmation-wise.

Whomever ends up with this little guy is lucky!

I had a long talk with Laura Acton about LA on bucks. 

She is very against the LA of bucks.  Because,  well let's face it dairy bucks can be fugly. 
They make pretty babies but they are seldom pretty themselves.  
I could show you some of his daughters and thier udders and build. 

Both Aragon and Abraxas conform well enough to have made thier permanent championship and it was not at small shows. I took them to very large 6 ring shows. The competition was fearsome.  

I can measure height on Abraxas and let you know. 

He is tall. 

Blue mountain genetics actually sold out of straws on Abraxas.

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