Chelan Sawtooth high country pack trip
Perry, you do some great trips - I saw you posted this trip on nwhikers as well.  Upper Eagle is the lake responsible for getting me into pack goats - final straw of yet another aborted trip on horseback due to log blocking trail. At least we got the thoroughbred to jump over, I led him up on foot with all the fish we were stocking the lake with for wdfw strapped to his saddle.  It ended up being a dayhike instead of a 3 day trip Sad

I have been planning to go back with the goats and finally do the loop trip we aborted on - similar to yours - you did some good mileage and gain on your trip each day for sure.  You have your goats in good shape.  

k. benefield - I spoil my goats and pack some food for them. Sometimes I think my goats carry more stuff for them, than for me Smile  I also stop along the trail where I see good forage and let them eat for a while.  I call it "goat time."

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