Trouble with Newer Livestock Dog
Our female half akbash-pyrenees now a royal pain! Spayed, she still has the hots for neighbor's two intact males that roam free. They seem to come get her. We know for a while she was curling the bottom of our net fencing under and getting out that way. Hubby tried putting a stake in between each t-post so fence is tacked down every 4 feet instead of 8 feet.  Still gets out. Next tactic, hot wire on top of fence in case she was climbing out. Still, escape. She did have goats, Paws..our old legs, to cuddle with and two 24-7 access barns and a good square meal every day.  Only way we have been able to keep her home is penning her in our old.buck yard. During day, she is alone and no barn access. Nights, we pen goats and other dog in there with her so goats have nighttime protection from coyotes. Nights we close the pasture-side door to that gost barn so she and others do have barn access at night. Meanwhile, with no dogs in main pasture, coyotes are picking off our poultry.

We spent over $1000 for a run-in in that smaller pen for our IR horse but can't use it now for that purpose.

Got this dog because our wonderful Paws is showing signs he is getting too old for the job. We paid $100 for this female plus more to have her spayed. A lot of money and time to throw away or give away and start over with another dog. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

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