Strange behavior by one of my wethers this morning
It kinda sounds like a painful reaction. One of my wethers seems to have a lower pain tolerance and acts weird when he is hurt. For example in my area we have lots of thorny berries that the goats love to browse on. My goats inevitably get thorns in them and my saanen Dipper seems to have a more animated painful reaction. I realized this after he started behaving in a weird way, throwing his horns up behind him and making weird goat noises. We had just hiked through a gooseberry patch and thought to myself i should check the boys for thorns. Sure enough Dipper had a couple thorns under his saddle and was just throwing a fit. My alpine had just as many thorns and you couldn't tell anything was bothering him. When Dipper got stung by a bee his painful reaction was tenfold and I was seriously concerned as I had no idea he was stung by a bee until I noticed the yellow jacket nest! He was flailing about and moaning and groaning. I pulled him clear of the bees and tried to calm him down as I comforted him.

So it kinda seems like he was hurting. Maybe a sting, a bite, a thorn or maybe a sliver? Maybe a cramp?

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