Training Began Today
Okay... training began today!  I went to Walmart and got me a good water gun.  When I went to the gate, I said, very loudly, get back and then I sprayed their little faces with the water gun.  Worked like a charm.  We went on a hike around the pasture and all I had to do was knee Gandalf twice, and he gave me my space as we walked.  When I got my chair to sit in the pasture and watch them play, Gandalf tried to head butt Dumble while he was beside my chair.  I squirted Gandalf and Dumble and they both backed off.

I must have the smartest goats in the world because today, all I did was a couple of squirts and a couple of knee bumps, and they did what I wanted!!  I'm so proud!  When I went out of the gate, I said, very loudly, get back and they all backed off!!   Heart Heart

My babies must be gifted and talented!

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