Baby Behavior
I've read the threads on here about goat aggression, but I'm a complete newbie, so I was wondering about some of the behavior of my babies.

First, Gandalf, my bottle baby,whose only 11 weeks old, always invades my space. He walks right beside me and sometimes right against my leg.  I usually will reach down and pet him on his side as we walk.  He doesn't try to push me, and when he does get in front, I just knee him out of the way.  He's never put his head against me, but he will jump up.  I'm trying to break that now.

Second, Dumbledore, my new Kiko, whose only 12 weeks old, like to rub his head against my leg.  He hasn't pushed me with his head or put his horns on me, but he does rub the top of his head.  He likes to jump up also, but he also loves to sit in my lap.

Are these behaviors I need to be concerned about or are these just baby behaviors?  To me, they are just sweet and loving... Heart Heart

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