WTB 3 to 4 experienced Packers
Hi Folks - Posting for a close friend.  His herd is hornless.  He's lost a few recently and needs long legged packers that are experienced.  CAE/CL/MOVI Free.  Not interested in "culls" at all. He packs way above treeline and works them hard.  Doesn't need pen brats that beat up other goats. He needs solid packers that can carry 40 lbs of gear over 10-12 miles and 2000-3000 elevation gain. No fat boys.  Good solid heavy boned packers with great stamina. Hornless is a must.

Charlie Jennings

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WTB 3 to 4 experienced Packers - by vigilguy - 12-08-2018, 12:46 PM

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