First 'water crossing'...kinda
Realised I never replied. Thanks Nanno. I will aim to get them out in the bush over the coming weeks. The dog thread from last night really got me thinking too.
Right now I am sitting at a cafe with the boys - the same cafe that always served me kerbside when I was in my carriage - turns out they are as equally welcoming of goats. Boys are being great.

Edited: Now at home so thought I would add a pic from the cafe and one from our walk back home after coffee. I normally make them walk behind me, but wanted  to quickly snap a pic. Vincent (white one) was off lead the whole way home and was super good. Jeff is a bit more of a 'loose cannon/unknown quantity'- he is a bit quirky. Really strongly bonded to me, but stand offish with others. He follows along beautifully on a loose lead, he is the boss goat and always in front of his brother. As he is naturally a bit more independent and I don't think would deign to follow along if his brother was the one that I was leading.

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