General care and pack goat maintenance. All welcome to post
Howdy friends,

I am going to be removing the forum page from my website and replacing it with a full how to care for your pack goat page. I have short list of some of the things I am going to cover but would really like to put as complete a how to together as possible. As everyone knows, there are two sides to every goat topic and thats kinda what I am looking for. I want to be able to say "you can feed from this to this. Here is the norm and here is what I suggest"
This will give new owners and those who are thinking about it an idea of what its going to take to raise their own pack goats.

Here are some general topics I have put together off the top of my head.

Feed (Grass to alfalfa, grains to pellets...)
Supplements (things like mineral mixs, AC...)
Vaccines (cd/t, bo-se...)
Fencing (field to hot wire...)
Medical care (castration, pizzle(?) removal, dis budding...)

So please feel free to weight in and explain what you do or suggest. Thanks

HOW TO CARE page can be viewed here:
Pack Goat Prospects For Sale.

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