Presentaion on How to Hunt with Pack Goats
I wanted to raise my hand and jump up and down when someone asked if you could condition goats while riding a bike. I wanted to yell, "Yes! Yes! I've done that!" I wasn't doing it for the purpose of conditioning my goat--I just wanted a buddy and Cuzco didn't like to get left behind when I went anywhere, so it worked out for both of us and kept him in very good shape. I love how having your goats do "road work" (as we call it with horses) keeps their hooves in such excellent condition. I almost never had to trim Cuzco's hooves when he was younger except maybe once in early spring if the ground was consistently muddy. Any other time they were not only already trimmed by exercise, but the hoof walls were way too thick and tough for my trimmers to make a dent in.

I heard people suggesting you feed black oil sunflower seeds (BOSS). I started feeding that to my goats two years ago and I noticed right away that it helps old Cuzco (who is 14 years old) to maintain condition in winter and puts gloss in his coat. Recently I also started feeding him calf manna for the extra protein, which he truly needs now that his teeth are gone and he can't eat grass at all for the first time this summer. I wonder if calf manna would be a good choice for your boys when they are working extra hard.

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