Respiratory infection?
(12-26-2013, 12:25 PM)Dave-Trinity-Farms Wrote: Is their shelter are clean or is there a high pee/ammonia smell?

Shelter is very clean no pee/amonia smell

(12-26-2013, 12:22 PM)Nanno Wrote: PuebloPacker, who is your vet? Do you use the Mesa vet clinic? I'm just curious because we live in the same area. I haven't had much occasion to take my goats to the vet, but in my limited experience, Dr. Matt Braunschmidt is very good with the goats. He's gentle and patient and seems to understand that there are some of us who keep them as pets and are willing to spend the time and money it takes to keep them healthy for the long haul. I won't name names in public, but it seems that some vets kind of pass over goats and think of them as somewhat expendable, and that we'd be better off to let the sick ones go and buy new ones at the sale barn.

I took them to a vet in colorado springs I will be taking them to mesa vet on saturday. we did Sheep canon on tuesday it was a great hike, out of the 8 miles of trails we did about 4 miles it was a ton of fun the kids had a great time.

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