Hey everyone. I was hoping to get some feedback from personal experience with what age is the preferred age for castration. 

I have a 6 month old buck who is getting very bucky. He's half alpine half la mancha. He's doing great growth wise, 100+ lbs and 29" at his withers.

I want to let his urinary tract mature as long as I can. 

The packgoat world seems to be evolving and learning from past experiences. Castration at an early age (3 months or less) scares me as I have lost my string leader to UC. I don't mind him getting bucky. I just want to allow him to mature to give him the best chances for a long healthy life.

Has anyone found an ideal age for castration? Growth, personality and longevity?

I'm in no rush to get him castrated if its better to wait even longer.

This is the most complete study I've seen to date on castration age and its effects on urethral development:

It seems that three months is the magic age when those organs stop growing in diameter (or at least no longer grow significantly enough to make a difference). Interestingly, two and possibly three bucks that I used as breeders and castrated at 6 or more months developed UC later in life. None were related to each other. In the two "for sure" cases it was most likely due to excess calcium in the diet and possibly also obesity, which I believe is a significant risk factor that is perhaps not discussed enough. Castration age is only one piece of the UC puzzle and I think you can wether your buck without any risk of incomplete development.
Just have the vet double-tie stuff. I had one die from a bleed out (surgical style castration) and another nearly so (cowboy style). The rest went flawlessly. But just be sure to keep an eye on them all day. Have the vet do it in the morning.
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Very interesting, thank you Nanno.

Good tip Charlie Horse, thank you.

Looks like there'll be a vet visit in the near future.

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