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Full Version: What to do for mama with stillborn?
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Nubbin just gave birth three weeks early, and one of the babies was very bloated and had lost a lot of its hair. Since it had been dead in there a while, I'm concerned that Nubbin could get an infection. I have peni-cillin on hand. I'm not sure how much to give or for how many days though. Is there anything else I need to do for her?

Since there was no afterbirth hanging out, I went inside to check for any more dead kids and all I could feel was a bunch of junk. I'm guessing this was the afterbirth. She started contracting shortly after and is slowly passing a string of lumpy dark red. It looks normal to me and it doesn't stink. Anything else I need to watch out for?
It must be a busy weekend. What a bummer Nanno. I hope Nubbin does ok.
Had a nice message from Dave this morning. Apparently he was having trouble posting his reply here. I think it's because the website doesn't like the word "peni-cillin". Since she passed the placenta and we're only preventing an infection and not fighting one that's already established, I'll be giving her 6 cc's of peni-cillin once a day for a week and keeping a close eye on her for any weird color or bad smell in the discharge, loss of appetite, or increased temperature to indicate an infection. So far she's looking perfectly healthy. What a relief!
Sorry for the complication, sorry I am absolutely of no help but I wish you all the best & good health to Nubbin!
P E N I C I L L I N, find out what it means to me, P E N I C I L L I N, takes care of G O A T...

LOL sorry, am tired and my mind is warping into odd areas Smile That and I wanted to see if it would stop me from spelling it out...
Nanno and Phil I'm so sorry to hear about Nubbin and her kids. My heart goes out to you. I'm glad Nubbin is doing better. Hugs.
Thanks Taffy. I had a hard time with it and cried a lot the first day, but Nubbin and I are both bouncing back emotionally, and I'm excited about Nubbin's pretty little udder which is far better than her mother's. I can't wait till another week or so to start trying her milk. Right now it's still a little bitter from the colostrum.

Dave, I've been monitoring Nubbin's health and giving her 6 cc's of peni-cillin once a day, and today she started having some discharge for the first time since she gave birth. It has a faint odor and is an orangey color. Her temperature is still normal and she's acting and eating fine. Does this sound yucky, and do you think I should start peni-cillin twice a day? I'm planning to call the vet in the morning and see what he says and also see if I can get some more peni-cillin. I'm not sure mine will last beyond the weekend, and I want to make sure I have enough on hand to keep treating her longer if necessary.
I would jump it up to 8-10 cc per day, once a day. Tracy says you will need to keep her on it at least 3 days after she stops discharging. She would also put her on Neflur ever other day for 3 days and (3 cc per 100 lbs) and then banamine 1 cc per 100 lbs once a day. The banamine is not only a pain killer but also binds the toxins from the infection. Call the vet and let me know what he says also. But this is the treatment we use when a doe has a nasty uterin infection after bad birth. The more aggressive you treat now, the less likely for scaring. To much scaring will cause a doe not to kid again.
The vet recommended 6 cc of penicillin 2x per day for the next week. I picked up another bottle today. I don't have any Neflur or Banamine on hand and I won't be back to Pueblo till next week sometime. She's definitely not acting "off" or like she's in any pain. She seems perfectly normal and healthy and has no temperature. She doesn't have much discharge, and the only thing different about it is the brick orange color. I expect more of a brick red or dark red (if I remember correctly from last year, and comparing to Lilly's discharge now). There was no smell today that I could detect. So in conclusion: so far it doesn't look like a nasty uterine infection (if there is one at all). Personally, I prefer not to go too crazy with drugs unless I'm sure there's a problem. But I will definitely continue my close monitoring for any changes (however slight) over the next week or so.

So here's another question: How long do we have to wait before we can drink her milk after she's off the penicillin?
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