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Full Version: What to do for mama with stillborn?
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Its not long but Ill have to ask Tracy to be sure. I wanna say under a week. Maybe even just a couple of days.
According to the Fiasco Farm website milk withdrawal time is 25-30 days. According to the link below it is 9 days. I'd ask your vet for his/her opinion. Err on the safe side.
According to the manufacture of the Pen. G that I use (DURVET) the withdrawal time for "human consumption" is 48 "HOURS". The link preceeding was for human consumption of the meat of a slaughtered animal. I called and spoke to the company rep. and he actually looked up the facts to be 100% sure. Before the 48 Hours the milk "CAN" be fed to other creatures such as goat kids, lambs, chickens etc. safely. Hope this Helps !
Thanks, Dwite! I'll mark that down on my drug list for future reference.
Thanks guys!
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