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Full Version: IGDF Chariot Race, Here We Come!!
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Finn and Sputnk got a nice break after the chariot race while Phil and I converted our chariots back to carts so we could do rides in the afternoon. From 2:00 to 4:00, Finn and Sputnik gave about 70 cart rides between them, and since most rides had two kids that's almost 140 kids who got to ride the goat carts this afternoon! The boys were incredibly good and patient and never balked or complained. The kids loved the goats and we all posed for a lot of pictures. We made almost $350 and plan to donate the proceeds to NAPgA.
What fun you two are having! How did this goat event get started? I wish we had something like this in our area!
This festival has a funny history. Apparently there is a big goat celebration in Ireland, and Babe Howard, the fellow who started this one in Tennessee had some Irish relatives visit him almost thirty years ago. As a welcoming party he got some goats together and called it "International Goat Days." Babe Howard died a few years ago but the celebration continues. There's nothing remotely Irish about it. It's all Southern BBQ, arts and crafts, tractor pulls, and rodeo. There's a small Tennessee Fainting Goat show, and they had a few dairy goats around as well as a goat petting zoo, but there's more festival than goats. Still, it was a lot of fun and I hope to see them revive the chariot race tradition. I think the chariot race died with Babe Howard. Maybe someone will get it going again.
King Puck! Google this and you'll find information on the huge fair in Killorglin, Ireland where a goat is crowned King for a 3 day celebration. It sounds like the celebration is less about goats and more about having fun - like the one you're attending! I haven't seen mention of goat chariot races in my search so it may have been an addition by Babe Howard.

I did learn a new word - I'd never heard of a male goat being called a Puck.
And here is the long-awaited video of our epic chariot race! It's a little small. I should have asked that it be taken in landscape format.
You two were really speeding along!  That's awesome!
I love it! You really get them going, looks like so much fun!
Wow fun Video!! you guys were trucking!
That's hysterical. Great job.
Very cool. Now that we are empty nesters.... where did you get the harnesses and carts?

Pig is about 350 pounds now...I really need to get him weighed.
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