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Full Version: IGDF Chariot Race, Here We Come!!
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Well, I had some sad news yesterday. I called to find out the IGDF schedule and discovered that the chariot race is no longer being run. Apparently they can't get enough contestants to make it go so it hasn't been run for the last 3-4 years. I'm so disappointed!
Oh no! That's such a bummer I was excited to hear about it, and see all the pictures.
I'm disappointed for you too Nanno, I know you and Phil were looking forward to the prospect of competing in the race. Maybe you'd better start up a local one ...
We may still go to the festival. Apparently it's big and a lot of fun and there's an awesome goat parade. We could be in the parade in our chariots, and the lady I spoke to says the festival is very laid back so we could maybe do an exhibition match race with just the two of us. Wouldn't be quite the same, but it would probably still be a lot of fun. The only reason we might not go is because it's not the best weekend for me to be gone. It's right after State Fair and it's still pretty hot that time of year. I'd rather take a "goat vacation" later in September or October. Phil and I were thinking we'd hit up the IGDF and then spend five or six days hiking with our boys in the Ozarks near Jasper, Arkansas. That area would be prettier and cooler in October though I'm thinking. We'll see what happens. I have to decide soon!
Well, we're heading out to Tennessee after all! I spoke to one of the gals in charge of the Festival and she said that if we show up they'll put the chariot race on the schedule even if only Phil and I compete. I'm hoping that if they put the race on maybe a couple other folks will step up to the plate. The IGDF actually provides chariots but people have to bring their own goats. Phil and I got out for some practice this afternoon. The goats were very good but Finn as usual was lazy. We'll need to work with him some and figure out if we can motivate him to move out a bit faster without constant urging.
I'm happy that it's going to happen after all. I others join in!
I just talked to the lady in charge again this morning, and not only are we on the schedule for the chariot race, but they want us to do cart rides in the afternoon. It's a non-profit event and she asked me if there's a particular non-profit we would like to support and of course I named NAPgA. So hopefully NAPgA will get into the advertising, and proceeds from the cart rides will go toward NAPgA as well. Awesome!!! Now I really can't wait to go!
That's awesome, sometimes things just happen how they are suppose to!
It sounds like it should be a lot of fun!
The chariots are coming together! I bought some heavy sheet plastic from an online motorsports site. Now we just need to add decals!  

This is the dead-end circle where there are two big, noisy, ferocious-looking dogs behind an invisible fence. Sputnik had a meltdown last time we drove here. This time he went round the circle like a champ! Finn did very well too. 

What a handsome trio! 

We get a lot of stares when we drive around town with this crew in the back! 

Finn loves his buddy Phil. 
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