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RE: Possible fracture? - TOU - 01-13-2014

I am really sorry to hear about this & I feel for you; hopefully with him being young he will rebound. (???)

Yes it has been a tough month for goats. I was one of those that lost one due to a preventable accident a week ago.

(01-13-2014, 07:54 PM)Charlie Horse Wrote: You know, it might just be more common in Saanans. I like the breed-- My first goat Tina was a Saanan. Its just that I've heard of a lot more things going wrong with them than other breeds.

So do the hybrids like Saanan/Alpines seem to leave much of these issues behind as the Alpines tend to be a bit hardier?

RE: Possible fracture? - SMaxwell - 01-13-2014

Wow, never heard of this either. Looks like he's got a lot of growing to do so hopefully with the splints he will grow right out of it!

RE: Possible fracture? - Dave-Trinity-Farms - 01-13-2014

Was talking with my other half and she brought up copper deficiency. What are the copper levels in your mineral mix and or are you doing copper boluses? Here is a link to read up on.

RE: Possible fracture? - Huckleberry - 01-14-2014

Great information Dave, thank you! We're using Sweetlix, copper is 1750min - 1810max ppm. We have never done copper boluses, is this something anyone is doing?

RE: Possible fracture? - Dave-Trinity-Farms - 01-14-2014

Well I can tell you that your copper ppm is great. Thats the higher end of the normal mineral mixes. So as long as they have it free choice and are actually eating it, I dont know if it would be a copper deficiency. But the boluses wouldnt hurt to give a try. We dont use em cause our mineral mix has 3000 ppm of copper and the animals mow through their mix. But the boluses are pretty simple to do. Lots of peeps using them on the goat spot to chat with if you want extra info.

RE: Possible fracture? - Huckleberry - 01-14-2014

Did a lot of reading on the boluses and went ahead and ordered some. I'm going to try that and Vitamin D, sounds like the extra copper may help us in our battle with parasites as well. Thanks for all the reply'sSmile

RE: Possible fracture? - Charlie Horse - 01-14-2014

Link me to the copper thingamajigs you ordered. I might want to get a few. Thanks!

RE: Possible fracture? - Huckleberry - 01-14-2014

Sure, got them on Amazon:

RE: Possible fracture? - Taffy - 01-14-2014

Here's the one I used:

I open the bolus, put it on a paper plate then open a marshmallow and smoosh it in the bolus content so the copper rods are imbedded in the marshmallow. The goats love the marshmallow and there's no struggle getting it into them.

RE: Possible fracture? - Taffy - 01-17-2014

How is Flint doing?