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Hello From Idaho - SaltyIdaho - 06-01-2023

I am in Southeast Idaho and raising my first wethers this summer. We live on a few acres and are a homeschooling family. My husband and I loved to go backpacking, but now have 3 young kids and I have been trying to figure out how to get us all in the backcountry. I am really excited to learn and network with this group. I am so excited to have a way to combine my love of hiking with my little ranch I am working on building.

RE: Hello From Idaho - Nanno - 06-01-2023

Welcome! We look forward to hearing about your family's goating adventures!

RE: Hello From Idaho - Charlie Horse - 06-01-2023

You'll soon find out how much fun goat kids are! Hiking is what its all about. You see the stuff everyone else buzzes by in their ATVs.