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NAPgA Rendy 2022 - Taffy - 05-29-2022

The Rendy will be happening soon!  Read more about it here!

Lots of great classes - including youth specific ones!

RE: NAPgA Rendy 2022 - blackie's maiden - 06-06-2022

We hope to be there without goats this year, darn! Too much on our plates this year to get papers on goats, etc. Keeping our fingers crossed we can..a little iffy for us this year. Anxious to see all of you again.

RE: NAPgA Rendy 2022 - Nanno - 06-06-2022

We won't be able to make it this year. Too far away again. Sad

RE: NAPgA Rendy 2022 - Taffy - 06-06-2022

For those of you who cannot attend the Rendy near Joseph, OR - hold a Rendy in your location. Let NAPgA know when and where and we will do everything we can to support it!

RE: NAPgA Rendy 2022 - blackie's maiden - 06-08-2022

Question: Do we need to bring something for a potluck or is that still caneled due to pandemic etc. OK w/me either way. Just don't want come empty-hsnded if there is one planned. Thanks.

RE: NAPgA Rendy 2022 - Charlie Horse - 06-08-2022

We seem to do a little mini Rendy here in central UT every couple years.  Gas prices may kinda force tourism to be a little more local for everyone soon.  But Gas Companies HATE how much I can save with this one simple trick!


I'm using wind to power my vehicle now.  I collect wind at the front from the pure speed, then use the spinning blades to push the car forward like an airplane does!  No room for a goat but I'll upgrade the Suburban next.

RE: NAPgA Rendy 2022 - Taffy - 06-08-2022

Updated information is available including the Rendy schedule and rules at

We are having a potluck on both Friday and Saturday evening.  Bring your instruments for music around the campfire!

RE: NAPgA Rendy 2022 - blackie's maiden - 06-08-2022

Thanks for info, Tammy. OK, Charlie Horse, you have less excuse to miss the Rendy than any of us. We'll be paying $5 to $6 a gallon to get to Oregon from Texas. Not sure if you were going to power that car
from the natural wind or all that hot air coming from another source? ;-)

RE: NAPgA Rendy 2022 - blackie's maiden - 06-19-2022

Thanks to all responsible for putting on another great Rendy in another great place. What gorgeous country and good good people.