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2021 NAPgA Rendezvous! - Taffy - 05-28-2021

As posted earlier, the Rendy will be held near Stanley, ID on June 17-20.  Complete directions on how to get there and more are posted on the NAPgA website  I hope to see you there!  The Rendy a great place to meet with others who love goatpacking and goats as much as you do!

Here is the current schedule of events (which is subject to change so keep checking the NAPgA website)

Thursday 6/17

Arrivals and Camp Setup, porta potties to be dropped off in the morning

Friday 6/18

10:00 Forest Service Project - Setting a sign and campsite clean up at a nearby FS Campground

1:00 - USDA Guest Presentation: Microchipping and permanent ID's w/ Kelly Scheuer

3:30 - Goat First Aid on the Trail w/ Nancy Clough and Taffy Mercer

7:00 - NAPgA Introductions and Mission Statement

Saturday 6/19

10:00 - Saddle Fitting and Camp setup w/ Clay Zimmerman

1:00 - Goat Packing Gear w/ Marc Warnke and Matt Lyons

3:30 - Breeding and Baby Goat Health w/ Dwite Sharp

7:00 - Best Management Practices w/ Curtis King

Sunday 6/20

Campsite Cleanup and Goodbyes

RE: 2021 NAPgA Rendezvous! - nstutzman - 06-10-2021

Thanks for the itinerary. I was looking around on and couldn't find one.

RE: 2021 NAPgA Rendezvous! - Nanno - 06-10-2021

Sorry, I thought I'd posted it there but I hadn't actually done it yet! It's posted on the NAPgA site now. Sorry for the delay!