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HOWDY y'all (from south-central TX) - AlpineBreeder - 04-17-2021

I'm a Goat-mama of an Alpine herd.
I've been thoughtfully "breeding-up" for 10 yrs now and always hope that my babies find loving forever homes, where they will excel at what they were bred to do...
ShyI've had a disease-free herd since inception and I selectively breed for personality, conformation, size, high milk-production and unique color.
My goats are treated like family and I'm a helicopter-mom for sure.
The hardest part for me, is my location. I'm in an area so distance from most pack-goat enthusiasts and it causes ppl to overlook my fantastic babies.
All of them are breeder quality for the most part, but the S-line boys cannot get ADGA papers and my goal is to see them placed in "family" with a purpose for their lives. I also have a doe with a foreudder pocket and her boys should be wethered for cart/pets/pack. That works out well, as all of her boys have been taller than her by age 5mo.
I strive to avoid freezer camp, best I canĀ  Wink
NONE of my animals are ever sent to auction. NEVER. This fur-mom needs to know her fur-babies have a happy, healthy future. Heart