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Website Update - Nanno - 12-27-2013

Phil sat down this morning and did some tweaking on the website so now your location shows up under your avatar. You can also edit the user title so you don't have to keep the boring label "member," or even worse, "junior member," which I thought was a little patronizing. We got rid of the stars for the same reason. Let me know if you can figure out how to change your user title. (Phil's is "Goat Baron.")

Phil also changed it so that when you click the thread title, it jumps you to the last post instead of the first. This seems to me a more straightforward approach, and then if you want to go back and read an entire thread you may.

If you have any questions or more suggestions, feel free to post them here and we'll see what we can do! Thanks, everybody, for your patience as we get this thing rolling!

RE: Website Update - nebs - 12-27-2013

Great changes. It should be fun to watch this forum grow.

RE: Website Update - Huckleberry - 12-27-2013

Thank YOU!