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Proper age seperation question? - seth s - 02-16-2021

I am still a beginner as packing goes, just getting into my 3rd year of it.  I currently have 11 goats, ages are as follows;

Pilot 9
Buddy 8
Bradshaw 3
Uber 3
Rocco 3
Princess 3
Buster 3
Thor 2
Guber 1
Maverick 1
Loki 1

Looking towards the future, do you think it would be wise to add another couple this upcoming kidding season, or does it appear that I have a good cycle of goats when it comes to packing age, and life expectiy?  I don't want to be caught flat footed so to speak when my older goats go to the big pasture in the sky.  Just doing some forward thinking and wanting to avoid any hiccups in future years.  Your insight and expertise would be greatly appreciated!

RE: Proper age seperation question? - Nanno - 02-17-2021

Looks to me like you're pretty well set. It will be a couple more years before your older boys slow down, and by then you'll have a whole string of packers in their prime, plus a couple more just starting out.

RE: Proper age seperation question? - seth s - 02-18-2021


Thank you for the input! My wife and I are actually going to pick up a couple at the end of the month as well. The last dairy we purchased from really had great genes and they are going to be big goats. So we talked to the owner and she told us to give a call at the end of the month. Going to get two bucks and a doe. Cant wait to start the bottle feeding process all over again.