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Wethers for sale - Skywatergoats - 07-06-2020

For sale:  wethers, alpines, oberhaslis, 2 plus years old, horned, these guys are accustomed to being handled and they follow very well, trail experienced.  $350 each.   South central Colorado.

RE: Wethers for sale - WyomingPicker - 07-09-2020

Hello, Are these boys still available? If so, would you text or call me at 307-622-0121?


RE: Wethers for sale - Lionhunter - 07-11-2020

Is the alpine still available. If so 307-321-2190

RE: Wethers for sale - Skywatergoats - 07-23-2020

I have sold the alpines.  I still have two long legged oberhaslis available for sale.

RE: Wethers for sale - Whereswyarno - 07-26-2020

Are your Oberhasli still available?

RE: Wethers for sale - Skywatergoats - 07-27-2020

Yes, please call me at 719-221-2631, for more info. Thanks

RE: Wethers for sale - Milky Way Mountain Caprines - 02-20-2021

I'm looking for an intact Ober male...