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OBERHASLI ALPINES - DKH Destiny Farm - 06-17-2020

We FINALLY have Oberhasli/Alpine pack babies available.  1 doe and 2 bucklings.  Visit our website at

RE: OBERHASLI ALPINES - blackie's maiden - 06-25-2020

When I cli k on your link above, I just get an ad to sign up for a weebly website, not your website.

RE: OBERHASLI ALPINES - Duck-Slayer - 07-05-2020

Interested in 1 of the bucklings, website is a no go?

RE: OBERHASLI ALPINES - Taffy - 07-05-2020

I looked them up on Google. Here is the link to their website:

RE: OBERHASLI ALPINES - Charlie Horse - 07-06-2020

An ober-alpine would have some pretty amazing horns. Might be a good mix!