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NWODGA 32nd Goat Education Conference! - Taffy - 02-06-2020

The Northwest Oregon Dairy Goat Association’s 32nd Annual Goat Education Conference is February 29, 2020, at the Clackamas County Fair and Event Center in Canby, OR.
This year they plan to have approximately 10 class topics per session (4 sessions available).  Two morning sessions, two afternoon sessions and a 1-hour lunch break.
I will be giving a Goatpacking presentation.  Class description:  This two-part class will prepare you to begin your own goatpacking adventures!   The classroom session will cover packgoat selection, husbandry, training, trail medicine and more!  The outside session will include live packgoats and will cover conformation, equipment and saddle fitting.
Not only do they have a host of fantastic classes you can also shop at the vendors booths!
Find out more about this fantastic conference on their website:

RE: NWODGA 32nd Goat Education Conference! - Nanno - 02-06-2020

I wish it weren't so far away!